Neurological Illnesses and Mental Disorders
To be a human is not easy. To accept disorders and illnesses is really a struggle and hard task. But to know something about disfunctions and problems of mind and brain and nerves could be very helpful. So lets dive into the deep and learn about the really human specialities. 

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The six fields of knowledge. 

Step by step to an understanding
Understanding Neurological and Mental Disorders

Start your journey to the function and disfunction of mind and brain

Types of Neurological Disorders

There are so many neurological illnesses, but we will focus on the most important

Common Mental Health Conditions

Schizophrenia, dementia, depression and so on - met the impressive mental disorders

Causes and Risk Factors

What can someone do to avoid diseases or chronification

Living with Neurological and Mental Disorders

Every day could be a fight. Or try the way to acceptance and learn to live with incompleteness

Diagnosis and Treatment Options

Routine and special steps to diagnose and treat mental illnesses or neurological disorders

Important. New. Relevant.

Support and Caregiver Resources - the way to get help from the people nearby

— Friends and Relatives

Promoting Mental Health and Well-being - community treatment, social support, 

— Official ways to support

Latest Research and Innovations -  on the way to the future

— Scientific research
Learn more and get help from specialists in neurology and psychiatry

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